Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Earn with CPL from $1500/month

Partner in the CPL program gets remuneration for each attracted client and 10% from his sub-partners' income.

Major advantages

This is a partner program for attracting new clients. Its feature is instant accrual of remuneration. Now, you as a CPL-partner of the FBS company can get commission fee automatically and in a very short time for each attracted referral that made a deposit. Also, this program foresees the additional 10% commission from income of each attracted sub-partner. Thus, CPL-partner gets stimulus to promote "FBS" brand even more actively because he can see the result of his work right away.

How does it work

The attracted client needs to follow your partner's link to the site of the FBS company to create a profile and to verify:

Multiple-level system

If your sub-partner successfully attracts not only clients but also his own sub-partners, you begin to get commission both from your referrals and referrals and partners of your sub-partner. All the settlements are conducted automatically at that:

Add +$500

Let us suppose, that you have attracted 55 clients. 50 of them have opened trading accounts and made deposits. Your profit will become 50 × $25 = $1 250
Best CPL Program
50 × $25 = $1 250
Five of your clients open affiliate accounts and work as sub-partners bringing in new clients under the Rebate program. Their clients trade 600 lots on EUR/USD. Then your income will be 10% of 600 × $15 = $900.
Highest CPL Affilaite Program
10% from (600 x $15) = $900
You shall get in total $1 250 + $900 = $2 150.
*The full rules of providing affiliate programs are described in the affiliate agreement and regulated by it.

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